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Dedicating a tree is simple

Select species / quantity

Select your preferred species of tree(s) and we'll calculate the total cost for you. Your choice is from a selection of broadleaf trees native to the area.

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Select your certificate and add your personalised message. Your certificate will be ready after your purchase to be printed at home. 

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Review your order and complete your purchase through our secure checkout and payment process.  

1. Select species / quantity

Our saplings are chosen by our foresters to ensure that they are the ideal size to establish themselves in their new home. Your choice is from a selection of broadleaf trees native to the area, so no matter how many you decide to purchase, we can find the ideal spot for all.

If you can't decide on a species, why not let us choose for you. Just tell us how many trees you would like us to plant.

Number of trees


Price per tree




2. Create Certificate

Whatever the occasion, your tree comes with a personalised certificate that you will be able to download, save and print off at the end of your purchase.

Create an account and your certificate will also be saved in your order history.

Please note: we do not send certificates through the post.

Please avoid emojis and line breaks.

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'For our daughter', 'In loving memory of', 'To celebrate the birthday of'

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Alternatively, you could plant a tree with us?

Give a gift that keeps on growing. Join us at one of our special planting events, and personally plant your tree in Our National Forest. Our experienced team will give you a warm welcome and be on hand to help make your day special.

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